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How to provide WP Hosting WordPress access

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Sometimes it is necessary for a WP Hosting engineer to log into your website to troubleshoot an issue. Rather than sending through login details via email or ticket, follow this simple guide to allow access to your website using a WordPress plugin. Download the WordPress plugin by visiting ...

Update domain contact details

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To update the contact details on a domain name, follow these steps: Login to your customer account by navigating to and clicking 'Login' Next click on 'Domains' in the menu Find the domain you wish to update and click the wrench. Once on the do...

Configure SMTP access for WordPress

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Note: The email account that you create does not need to receive mail and there is no requirement for mail to be serviced by cPanel either. The account is only used for authentication - adjust your 'From Email' to something that you can receive. WordPress by default will use PHPMail to send email...

Configure WordPress with WP SuperCache

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Any seasoned WordPress developer or reputable hosting provider when asked for tips on improving the speed of your website will tell you, the number 1 thing that you must check is: Do I have caching enabled on my website? If the answer is no, or even if it's a yes -- the video below will walk y...

Why don’t you offer unlimited everything like some other hosts?

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An efficient website will almost always win over a 'heavy' website, irrespective of the hardware powering the website at the server level. From our experience running successful websites over the last decade, we know that you actually do not need hundreds of gigabytes of space to run a great site. ...

508 Resource Limit Is Reached

Error Messages
The error message "508 Resource Limit Is Reached" appears when your account is constantly exceeding the resources assigned to it. These resources can include CPU usage, RAM usage and/or the number of concurrent processes running under your hosting account. A resource usage spike every now a...

How much disk space will I need?

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Without the right information, selecting disk space for a hosting plan can sometimes be a guessing game. As a general rule, here's what you can fit into 1GB of disk space = 10,000 pages of text or 5000 images (web optimised) or 50 videos When considering your options for a new hosting service,...

How do I reset my WordPress admin password?

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Please note: replace with your actual domain name To reset your WordPress administrator password, simply visit the dashboard login page; ie. and choose 'Lost your password?'. Enter your email address or username of your admin account, then check your email...

Using a temp URL to access your website

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When you first setup your hosting account, there may be a need to access it immediately - before a domain is pointing to it or if DNS hasn't yet resolved. All you need to do to in this instance is open up an FTP program and connect to your hosting account using your FTP credentials supplied in your ...

Payment options and details

Billing & Accounts
Here is how you can pay your invoice. Paypal Click the link in your invoice for once only or subscription payments. Credit Card Visa/Mastercard/AMEX are accepted in the client area. BPAY Biller Code: 264077 Reference Number: Found on invoice