How to change your email address password within cPanel

If you have forgotten the password for your cPanel hosted email service, or need to reset it for another reason, you can generate and set a new password for this account from within cPanel.

  1. Log into cPanel
    If you are unsure of how to log into cPanel, click here
  2.  Navigate to the section titled “Email” and select the “Email Accounts” module.
    Email Accounts Module within cPanel
  3. If you are not automatically taken there, select the “Email Accounts” tab.
    Email Accounts Tab, Reset Email Password in cPanel
  4. To the right of the email account you would like to reset the password for, click on “Password & Authentication”.
    Password & Authentication Option For Resetting Email Password in cPanel
  5. Enter and confirm your new password and then click on “Change Password”.

    You can generate a password automatically using the pre-defined options by clicking on “Generate”, to view or adjust the generation options, click on the arrow beside the Generate button.
    Generate new password for email address in cPanel
    Password generator options cPanel

Important Note:  You will also need to ensure that the password is updated on any devices that connect to this account to avoid temporary firewall blocks due to incorrect login attempts.

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