Why don’t you offer unlimited everything like some other hosts?

An efficient website will almost always win over a ‘heavy’ website, irrespective of the hardware powering the website at the server level. From our experience running successful websites over the last decade, we know that you actually do not need hundreds of gigabytes of space to run a great site.

For reference this website (wphosting.com.au) is roughly 500MB in size.

In addition to this many providers are only able to offer the large amounts of server resources to you as they use commodity hardware that is generally not suited to the task. This commodity hardware makes for great desktop PCs but in an always-on ’24/7 ‘ server environment those components tend to fail quickly. Every failure resulting in a server outage costs its users time and money, so prevention of these outages is of paramount importance to our team. The best way to prevent server outages is to use quality hardware, that is purpose built for enterprise environments such as ours.

We only use enterprise grade Dell PowerEdge rack servers and premium network upstream providers.

When used correctly you are able to built some of the fastest websites on the web using our packages – check our blog for some examples.

If you are having trouble with the size of your website, read through this article for some helpful tips.


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