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Advanced Spam Filtering

Stop 99% spam from reaching your mailbox and protect against nasty malware

Stop 99.9% of spam

Our advanced spam filtering service stops spam and malware before it even hits the mail server.

Email continuity protection

Our filtering servers will spool mail in the event of a mail server outage and deliver it once it’s back online.

Real-time threat updates

Our threat database is continuously updated to ensure protection from even the newest threats.

Fight spam with Advanced Spam Filtering

Our advanced anti-spam and virus filter is a “must have” for any email intensive organisation today. Our spam filters block 99.9% of spam, viruses and malware, keeping your email account clean and safe – and it’s available even if we don’t host your email.

Advanced Spam Filtering


Unlimited Mailboxes (per domain)

Spam Protection

Virus Protection

Spam Quarantine

Custom Filtering Rules

Stops Phishing & Spoofing

A phishing attack is an attack wherein the sender tries to trick the recipient into giving up sensitive information resulting in financial gain for the sender. Spoofing is impersonating someone else in order to trick the recipient into doing something that they might not ordinarily do.

Stop Viruses, Malware & Spyware

Viruses, malware and spyware can lead to your PC running slower, data corruption, instability or even financial loss.

Stops Annoying Spam

Your mailbox will be cleaner and you will be more productive, as you won’t need to waste time manually deleting annoying spam messages.

Spam Filtering Frequently Asked Questions

No, we filter all mail in the cloud before it even reaches your mail server or network.

Yes, you can manage your spam quarantine from the mail filter console.

Yes, you can create custom rules for inbound messages from the mail filter console.

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