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2018-08-01T15:53:45+00:00 June 22nd, 2018|Newsroom|By WP Hosting Editor|

Build Better WordPress Themes With WP Rig

What if you can develop progressive WordPress themes with minimum configuration and turnaround time?

WP Rig’s goal is to create WordPress themes that have faster loading speed and better performance.

WP Rig aims to make the web better through code and performance optimization.

Created by WordPress pro Morten Rand-Hendriksen, WP Rig is developer-based, supporting modern CSS and JavaScript and WordPress coding standards. It’s even packed with a Gutenberg-ready starter theme for future upgrade and performance optimisation, “progressive loading of CSS and JavaScript, built-in lazy-loading of images, and built-in optional support for the AMP plugin.”

This open source tool has pre-configured Gulp 4 build,  translate and bundle processes; integrated with VS Code; and streamlined workflow with BrowserSync, etc.

You can learn more about WP Rig for FREE via LinkedIn Learning.

LinkedIn Learning

WP Rig is an WordPress community project so your contribution matters. Test-drive this new WordPress tool and you can either leave a feedback or create a pull request.

As new code, content, and performance best practices come online, WP Rig will update to stay on the cutting edge of what WordPress can do.

Check out the post by Rand-Hendriksen for further details.

Let us know what you think about WP Rig in the comments.

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