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2019-09-20T10:05:04+00:00 March 14th, 2018|Newsroom|By Lawrence Ladomery|

Partnerships Are Part of Our DNA

Last month, my wife and I struck a deal with our older daughter to write about her day in a journal and we will do the same. Easier said than done, right?

Try thinking of a topic that is both interesting and not too complicated for a six-year-old to grasp, every other day. Last week, I failed at this and confused her in the process by writing about cells.

More specifically, cells that get their energy from mitochondria, tiny blobs within the cells themselves that were once independent bacteria (which explains why mitochondria have their own DNA). At some point, very early in our evolution, we formed a partnership with a foreign organism that worked so well that we eventually merged with it. This is quite a feat considering many mergers and acquisitions fail.

To make the story short, we partnered up as contributors on her journal, agreeing on a format and schedule.

I’m taking the deal with my daughter into account in my editorial piece today.

Partnerships are part of our DNA. Quite literally, as we have seen with our lovely mitochondria, but also as a dynamic that is part of our nature: to work with others to get stuff done. Brands know this very well and you can Google a bunch of examples of successful partnerships. One of my favorites is Go Pro and Redbull – working together to get a guy to free fall from 24 miles up in the sky.

I think businesses focus too much on the usual channels and tactics – SEO, PPC, social media, email, etc… – that they forget (or simply don’t know) what a solid partnership can offer.

That is why we’re covering this topic this month, starting with our Using Trello To Manage Your WordPress Website: Partnerships & Collaborations post.

On a related note, we want to remind our customers that we’re hard at work updating our Partner Program so we can launch a Partner Directory very soon. And if you’re inclined to partner with us, have a look at our Resellers & Affiliates page or email me your ideas.

Happy partnering :)

Lawrence Ladomery
Marketing Manager
WP Hosting

P.S. If you fancy partnering with WP Hosting for an article or any write-up, check out our Contributor Guidelines (but please keep on-topic and don’t cover molecular biology).

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