How much disk space will I need?

Without the right information, selecting disk space for a hosting plan can sometimes be a guessing game.

As a general rule, here’s what you can fit into 1GB of disk space = 10,000 pages of text or 5000 images (web optimised) or 50 videos

When considering your options for a new hosting service, a good estimate of disk usage is:

 Small WebsiteMedium WebsiteLarge Website
Typical Disk Usage0.5GB - 2.0GB2.0GB - 4.00GB4.00GB - 8.00GB+
Typical Email Usage1 Mailbox3 - 5 Mailboxes5-10+ mailboxes
ExamplesPersonal blogSmall online store (ie. WooCommerce store < 50 products)
WordPress multisite
Company identityCreative professional portfolio
Large online store (ie. WooCommerce store < 200 products)
Simple business site, non-ecommerceInformative business product siteCustomer CRM
You can review your disk usage at any time in cPanel in the ‘Statistics’ module.

If you already have a hosting account at another provider, they will generally have disk usage statistics which you can forward to us for review.

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