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Customer Spotlight: Point Hacks

Whether you’re a frequent flyer or someone who wants to bask in occasional getaways, you should probably check out Point Hacks.

With over 70,000 followers on social media and 200,000 website visits each month, Point Hacks succeeds to showcase the best deals across the travel industry, including airlines, hotels, banks and their loyalty program partners. The website is your channel to catch up on the travel trends as well as maximise your reward points.

We got a hold of Keith Mason, the founder of Point Hacks, to divulge some interesting stuff about the company.

A quick intro: who are you, what do you do and what’s your background?

I launched Point Hacks in 2011 after learning about loyalty programs and points while trying to accomplish around the world trip in Business Class. Most of the info online was buried in forums or for overseas readers, so I thought I’d share what I had learned in a more consumable space – hence the birth of the site.

I ran the site on the side to my day job for a few years, and then went full time, more or less, a couple of years ago. There’s now a small team of us creating content, managing the site and making sure we make a success of the site from and for our advertising partners.

Tell us about Point Hacks – what is it about and for whom?

Point Hacks helps people earn more points, and use them as effectively as possible. Our mission is really simple. We want to appeal to as many Australians (and Kiwis!) as possible with useful, actionable advice.

In terms of marketing Point Hacks, can you share any strategy or tactic that has worked well for you?

Simple – create good quality content that people find useful and want to read. Share it widely where you expect to find your readers.

Maintain your credibility when working with advertising partners. In terms of paid advertising, we are pretty heavy users of Facebook ads to increase our reach.

Any tips for anyone who wants to start a website similar to yours?

See the marketing tactics! Honestly, the hardest part is doing the work.

Be prepared to slog it out creating good content and sharing your knowledge. There are no shortcuts to hard work.

To conclude, what do you hope to achieve with Point Hacks in the next 12 months?

We should grow more – reaching more people and helping them with their travel goals with a number of new plans we have in the works.

The Tech Behind the Scenes

WP Hosting Plan
  • VDS Extreme
  • Key Features
  • Nginx webserver enforcing HTTPS site-wide through HTTP2

  • PHP 7.0 (FPM)

  • Cloudflare WAF and end-point caching

  • Development and staging environments to ensure code stability

  • Backup & Security
  • Full image snapshots daily, performed at the hypervisor and stored separate to the VDS

  • WordFence running on all sites for exploit prevention

  • Malware scanning

  • Comodo SSL

  • WordPress Theme
  • Custom - Optimised for readability, navigation and positioning of advertising real estate
  • WordPress Plugins
  • WP Rocket caching engine with Nginx config for compatibility and performance

  • Yoast SEO

  • Close to 100 plugins altogether for extending and optimising WordPress
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