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2018-08-01T13:22:23+00:00 May 14th, 2018|Newsroom|By WP Hosting Editor|

WordPress 4.9.6 Update: Release Candidate Is Up For Testing

The release candidate package for WordPress 4.9.6 is now open for screening.

The package added 30 bug fixes to the 10 that were carried out in the WordPress 4.9.6 beta version, totalling to 40 bug fixes. The inability to upload files with the AAC extension, inconsistencies in GDPR strings and the missing closing button tag in ‘Live Preview’ button are some of the fixes.

Meanwhile, there are 34 enhancements and feature requests. These include styling improvement on personal data tables, buttons in the Privacy pages and adding `id` attribute to each row of privacy post list tables.

This version (4.9.6) introduces the first round of tools that help WordPress site owners and admins meet the new requirements for user privacy regulations.  – WordPress

WordPress 4.9.6 will be officially released on 17 May.

Visit the blog post for more details.

Let’s put the 4.9.6 Release Candidate version through its paces. Share what you’ve discovered in the comments.

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