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2019-02-13T15:21:03+00:00 February 13th, 2019|Newsroom|By WP Hosting Editor|

WooCommerce Launches Mobile App For iOS And Android Devices

Your eCommerce store now available on your smartphone

WooCommerce has just released its first version of the WooCommerce mobile app.

Available for both Android and iOS devices, the app has tons of features to run and manage your eCommerce store.

WooCommerce Mobile App Features

Manage Orders

Basic order fulfillment can be made in the WooCommerce mobile app. You can easily track, process, and manage orders from your store.

It allows you to see the following order information:

  • Order number
  • Date the order has been made
  • Customer’s Name
  • Product(s) Ordered
  • Customer Information, i.e. Shipping Address
  • Billing details, i.e. Subtotal, Shipping fee, Taxes, Total Amount
  • Payment Information or Payment Options
  • Fulfill Orders
  • Order Notes

The app also allows you to scroll, filter and search specific orders.

Performance Metrics at a Glance

You can see your store’s key metrics such as revenues, orders, top performing products, as well as the number of visitors of your site in the app. You can also see performance reports at a glance and view it by a day, week, month or year.

Real-time Notifications

With its push notification feature, the app provides real-time order notification on your phone. You can click on the notification which redirects you to the WooCommerce app and see the orders placed and product reviews by your customers.

How to set up the WooCommerce Mobile App

Download the WooCommerce Mobile App in the Google Play Store for Android 5.0 and later, and in Itunes for iOS 11.0 or later devices. After installing, you have to log in with Jetpack connected to your WooCommerce store.

If you don’t have Jetpack yet, you would have to install the Jetpack plugin in your site in order to use the WooCommerce mobile app. Though, there are a lot of mixed negative reviews on the app itself due to its dependency on Jetpack.

However, Jetpack is a required plugin and there’s no other way around it, according to the WooCommerce dev team. The reasoning is that Jetpack is a trusted third party provider for notifications, firewall, and authentication that provides a “reliable way to connect and communicate with sites”.

Despite that, the WooCommerce mobile app is a welcome development and handy tool for sellers, making selling online a lot easier and convenient.