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SiteOrigin Page Builder Review: An Easy-To-Use WordPress Page Builder

Creating a WordPress website from scratch doesn’t require a great deal of effort anymore, particularly when you are using Page Builder by SiteOrigin.

SiteOrigin offers simple content creation interface, compatible with popular free and premium themes, and works well with widgets. You can now design and customise your webpage in the absence of coding and web development expertise.

Key features

First of all, Page Builder by SiteOrigin is a FREE plugin. You can install it on as many sites as you want without worrying about licenses and premium updates – all updates and fixes are accessible at no cost.

It’s a simple drag-and-drop plugin with intuitive content editing interface. Since it is compatible with any themes, no content will be lost every time you change to a new one

This page builder is also integrated with WordPress’ widgets, and built with SEO-friendly code that is 5 to 100 times lighter than other notable grid systems.

Other key features include:

  • Easy to use History browser
  • Customisable row and widget styles

Learn more about its features on this page.

See Page Builder in action

SiteOrigin Page Builder: pros & cons

SiteOrigin is a popular WordPress page builder plugin for the average Joes. The editing interface is plain sailing, except that you need to go back and forth from the interface to the preview page. It doesn’t have a live customisation function.

The widgets – enhanced by its Widgets Bundle – are very easy to work on since the elements and templates are something you are already familiar with. It’s the searching of applicable widgets part which is a bit of snag. The classification and categories are confusing – some of them don’t have visual icons.


In spite of its slimline of editing options, SiteOrigin serves its purpose as a user-friendly, SEO-friendly page builder plugin. If you just want to create a basic website with simple widgets, then, pick this page builder. Sad to say, it’s not exactly ideal if you are looking for a more in-depth control of your page layout and adding ‘smarter’ widgets. Elementor and Visual Composer are better alternatives.

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