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2018-06-20T09:29:10+00:00 June 20th, 2018|Managing WordPress|By WP Hosting Editor|

Metorik Review: WooCommerce Analytics & Much More

Metorik unifies your WooCommerce data and greatly extends its analytics and engagement features.

Metorik touts itself as ‘your online store’s co-pilot’ and it’s quite a smart one at that. It presents your WooCommerce store’s KPIs very clearly and offers a set of tools to easily action them.

  • Name: Metorik
  • Type: SaaS
  • URL: Metorik
  • Price: From $50 USD / month

Key features

  • Easy to use KPIs and reporting tools – they comprise the core of the platform
  • Store and customer management, including integrating with leading Help Desk systems
  • Filter orders, customers and products to find high-value segments
  • Product insights: your best and worse performing products at a glance
  • Digests and email reports
  • Integrate with Google Analytics, MailChimp, Slack, Gmail, Intercom and more

See Metric in action: Customer Profiles & Segmenting

Pros & Cons

It’s hard to fault Metorik as it provides the kind of insights that you can act on to boost your earnings, that are typically offered by analytics tools costing considerably more.

Metorik goes a number of steps further to fill in WooCommerce’s gaps. For example, automated emails based on certain rules, such as not having ordered in the last X number of months, that feature uniquely generated WooCommerce coupons.

The downside is the lack of a free plan which many would expect, given WooCommerce is free. But Metorik is a business tool for a business audience that produces quantifiable results and in many cases, a paid-only product supports this model best.


Metorik is the brainchild of Bryce Adams, a Melbourne-based developer and entrepreneur who has worked for both WooCommerce and Automattic.

Bryce developed Metorik to address some of WooCommerce’s shortcomings with its reporting, and in the process has built a solid extension that gives business owners a much clearer view of how their store is performing, as well as the ability to act on that insight.