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How to provide WP Hosting WordPress access

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Sometimes it is necessary for a WP Hosting engineer to log into your website to troubleshoot an issue. Rather than sending through login details via email or ticket, follow this simple guide to allow access to your website using a WordPress plugin. Download the WordPress plugin by visiting ...

Edit PHP settings with php.ini

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This topic covers processes relating to the operation of a cPanel service, if you cannot access your service - first follow this guide before continuing. When installing custom plugins and themes quite often the developer will require you to set custom (increased) limits for common PHP environmen...

Configure SMTP access for WordPress

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Note: The email account that you create does not need to receive mail and there is no requirement for mail to be serviced by cPanel either. The account is only used for authentication - adjust your 'From Email' to something that you can receive. WordPress by default will use PHPMail to send email...

Configure WordPress with WP SuperCache

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Any seasoned WordPress developer or reputable hosting provider when asked for tips on improving the speed of your website will tell you, the number 1 thing that you must check is: Do I have caching enabled on my website? If the answer is no, or even if it's a yes -- the video below will walk y...

Where do I obtain an API key for Akismet?

API keys for Akismet can be obtained at this URL -