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Edit PHP settings with php.ini

Error Messages
This topic covers processes relating to the operation of a cPanel service, if you cannot access your service - first follow this guide before continuing. When installing custom plugins and themes quite often the developer will require you to set custom (increased) limits for common PHP environmen...

Testing your website with a hosts file

Testing your website with a local hosts file A hosts file is used to map hostnames (ie. to IP addresses (ie. . You can change the IP to which you resolve a certain domain name by adding entries to your local hosts file on your computer. This is particularly use...

Configure WordPress with WP SuperCache

Frequent Questions
Any seasoned WordPress developer or reputable hosting provider when asked for tips on improving the speed of your website will tell you, the number 1 thing that you must check is: Do I have caching enabled on my website? If the answer is no, or even if it's a yes -- the video below will walk y...