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First Steps With WordPress

Getting Started
If you're new to WordPress, then take a look at the "First Steps With WordPress" guide over at This guide will walk you through the basics of logging in to the WP admin dashboard and some points you need to consider when setting up your website.

I want to switch to WP Hosting but I’m already with another provider, how do I make the move?

Frequent Questions
We can help you transfer your posts, templates and plugins. Use our website to purchase a hosting package and once you have completed signup process, create a support ticket or send us an email

How is WP Hosting different from other providers of WordPress hosting?

Getting Started
Our servers are configured to work seamlessly with WordPress and provide the optimal compatibility and performance for our clients. We also provide you support from our experienced team who are also WordPress users and developers. Other details on how we differ are available on our website.

I’m new to web hosting, where do I start?

Getting Started
To host a website you will need a domain name such as '' or ''. If you do not yet own a domain name you can either purchase a domain during checkout or purchase one from our domains page. Most domains can be registered for single or multiple years, but any '.au' domain...