WordPress password does not arrive

When the server creates your hosting account, it is setup to handle email for your domain.  This works fine for most new clients, but there are some clients who manage mail externally.

When resetting your WordPress password, the server will try sending the mail to your domain internally, instead of sending it externally to your mail server

If you do not want our servers to accept email for your domain, please complete the following steps.

  1. Login to cPanel.
  2. Under the “Mail” heading, click “MX Entry”.
  3. “Local Mail Exchanger” will currently be selected.
  4. Click “Remote Mail Exchanger”.
  5. Click “Change”.

This setting only changes the mail setting on our server, so that the server doesn’t try sending mail internally and sends it to your current mail server instead.

You can always reverse these changes, should you wish our servers to accept your mail.

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