Changing the NS (name server) records for a domain in the client area

After a domain has been transferred into our management, you may wish to change the NS records to point the domain to our servers.

To do this, login to the client area;

  1. Go to “Domains” -> “My Domains”.
  2. Click “Manage Domain” next to the domain you wish to manage.
  3. Click the “Nameserver” tab.
  4. If the domain is still set to “Pending Transfer”, you will not be able to modify NS records and will need to wait for the transfer to finalise).
  5. Select the “Use default nameservers” option to set the domain to our default settings, or “Use custom nameservers” if you wish to point the domain to a different Name Server.
  6. Click the “Change Nameservers” button
Please note your name servers may take up to 48 hours to update, and you can expect mixed results with your services during this period.
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